Transform Your Space with Our Bathtub Refurbishment Services!

Say goodbye to cracks and stains as we clean, restore, and refurbish your bathtub, making it into the glittering center attraction of your bathroom comfort.


Our trained specialists skillfully repair chips, scratches, and cracks, returning your surfaces to their former state with flawless accuracy and durability.


With a keen eye for detail and a dedication to quality, we improve dull surfaces, using skilled refinishing processes to give your bathroom fixtures a fresh, bright appearance.


Applying a glossy, protective coating that increases longevity and restores the luster of your bathtub, tiles, and other bathroom fixtures.

Refurbishment Services

Is your bathtub looking old and worn out, or not as pretty as it used to be? Instead of spending a lot on getting a new one, think about fixing it up with a bathtub makeover. Getting your bathtub professionally fixed up can make your bathroom look better and work well without spending too much money.

Bathtub makeover means fixing, cleaning, and putting a new coating on your old bathtub. This isn’t just a money saver, but it’s also good for the environment because it stops old bathtubs from being thrown away and new ones from being made

Unveiling Our Process

Cleaning Supplies
Experts carefully scrub the bathtub and fix any cracks, chips, or stains to maintain a smooth surface.
Surface Preparation Tools
A strong adhesive is applied to the bathtub surface to guarantee that the new coating fits properly.
Coating Application Tools
Experts apply a durable and long-lasting finishing in a variety of colors and designs to suit your tastes.
A final inspection is performed to confirm that the bathtub has been refinished to the greatest quality and fulfills your expectations.

Make your bathtub look brand new with our amazing fixing service. If your bathtub has cracks, scratches, or other issues, our special coatings can make it look great again in just a few hours. You can start using it the very next day.

Our experts will check your bathtub and fix any problems like cracks or scratches. They will also clean it really well to make sure the fixing process works perfectly.


Refurbishing your bathtub is a quick and easy process, typically completed in just one day. Say goodbye to lengthy renovations and hello to a refreshed bathroom in no time.


Save money by opting for a bathtub makeover instead of investing in a whole new tub. Refurbishments offer a budget-friendly solution while still achieving a beautifully renovated bathtub.

Minimal Disruption

Unlike extensive bathtub replacements that can disrupt your daily routine for days or even weeks, we entail minimal disruption. You’ll enjoy a revitalized bathtub without the inconvenience of a messy bathroom for an extended period.


With a bathtub refurbishment, you have the flexibility to choose from a variety of finishes, colors, and styles to match your preferences and complement your bathroom’s aesthetic.

Benefits of Bathtub Refurbishments

Besides saving money and being good for the environment, bathtub makeovers are quick and easy. Unlike getting a whole new bathtub, which could take a long time, fixing it up usually only takes a day. This means you won’t have to deal with a messy bathroom for too long.

Also, a fixed-up bathtub is easy to keep clean. You won’t have to worry about scrubbing hard to get rid of mold or stains because the new coating is smooth and doesn’t let those things stick.

To sum it up, choosing a bathtub makeover is a smart move. It saves you money, helps the environment, and quickly makes your bathroom look and work better without the trouble of getting a whole new bathtub.

Our fixing service is super quick. It only takes a few hours, so you won’t have to wait long to use your bathtub again. And the best part is that the fixed bathtub is not just good-looking; it’s also easy to clean. The coatings make a smooth surface that doesn’t get stains or mold easily


Special Coating

The special coatings we use are the key to making your bathtub look awesome again. They cover up any problems and make the surface strong and shiny. You can choose different colors and styles to match your bathroom.

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Our bathtub fixing service is a fast, affordable, and eco-friendly way to make your bathtub look and work great again. Say goodbye to the hassle and cost of getting a new bathtub and say hello to the amazing results of our special coatings. Your bathtub will look fresh and stylish, and you can start using it again the next day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bathtub refurbishing timeframes change based on the quantity of repairs required and the size of the bathtub. However, most renovations may be finished in one to two days.

Yes, our refurbishing services are suitable for a variety of bathtub materials, including porcelain, fiberglass, and acrylic. We adjust our processes to meet the individual needs of each bathtub type.

Bathtub refinishing and reglazing are sometimes used synonymously to describe the procedure of restoring the bathtub surface. Refinishing include correcting flaws, putting a fresh coating, and applying a protective sealer. Reglazing refers to the process of applying a fresh glaze on the surface of a bathtub.

With careful care and upkeep, a refurbished bathtub can last for years. We give instructions on how to care for your freshly repaired bathtub in order to extend its life and keep its attractiveness.

Yes, we have a selection of colors and finishes to pick from during the refurbishing process. Whether you like a classic white or a vibrant new tint, we can personalize the color to your specifications.

No, you usually do not have to evacuate your house throughout the bathtub restoration procedure. Our experts take steps to reduce disturbances and maintain a safe and efficient working environment.

You may usually use your bathtub again within 24 to 48 hours after the restoration procedure being completed. This provides enough time for the coatings to cure and solidify correctly.

Throughout the bathtub restoration procedure, our professionals take great care to maintain the surrounding surfaces and fittings. To minimize interruption, all overspray and dust are carefully confined and cleaned up.

Yes, bathtub renovation is a wonderful alternative for business buildings, providing a low-cost solution for renewing worn-out bathtubs while also improving the overall aesthetics of the room.

Yes, we provide free consultations to examine your bathtub and discuss your refurbishing requirements. We may also provide you an estimate based on the scope of the job.